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Some videos by club members at our events or videos featured by the media.

If you have a great video from one of our events, please send us the details at

MMRC Round 1 -2017 Super Class Final

Our fastest pilots battling it out in the final!!!

3 Goes Into 1!!!

What happens when 3 quads all go into the same gate at the same time?

Round 10 -2016 – Division A Final.

Our fastest pilots battling it out in the last round of 2016!

Stunt_Double – Round 7

Excellent video from SD and the fun from Round 7!

Round 7 – Division A Final

The final of our fastest group of pilots!

Goat – Round 5 Mashup

A mashup of Goat’s heats from Round 5.

BMSThomas – Round 5 Hot Laps

Thomas is certainly quick!

Round 5 – Division A Final – Onboard

FPV view of the Division A final at Round 5.

Goat vs Arktos – Round 4 Final

Goat shows us the onboard footage from himself and Arktos in the final of Division A – Round 4.

BMSThomas – Round 4 – Acro Comp

We did a trial acro comp at Round 4, this is Thomas’s run.

Round 2 Highlights by Arktos

A great compilation video of all the fun from Round 2!

BMSWeb & BMSThomas – Practise Event Vlog

Paul and Thomas do a great vlog on the practise event held at Bald Hill Park.

JB – Recap Practise Event

JB also does a recap video of our practise event.

BMSThomas – Practise Event

Thomas flying the open class at one of our practise events.

Arktos – Gokart Track MMRC Race Night

Aktos shows us some hot laps of the gokart track in Moorabin.

2014 Dandenongs Meetup

One of our very first meetups in the Dandenongs in 2014. Lots of people came for a great day or multirotor action!

This Is Drone Racing by Algy Tynnan.

A video documentary put together by one of our regulars which perfectly sums up what it’s like for us to fly!

Channel 10 – The Project

Another media story done by Channel 10’s the Project and shown on Australian TV.

ABC Lateline “Game Of Drones”

Produced by ABC Lateline and filmed at Bradmill this was great fun to fly and featured Chad Nowak before he went to the US Drone Nationals and came back as champion 🙂

Gizmodo “Game Of Drones”

Another story done on the Bradmill Media Event.

FinalGlideAU’s Bradmill Video

Taken by Chad Nowak at the Bradmill Event

 Game of Drones by Brant Cumming
 Mark Cocquio’s View Of The Bradmill Event