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Round 1 – Summer Season 2019

Date: Sunday 27th January 2019
Time: 8am

Location: Lewis Park, Lewis Rd, Wantirna South VIC 3152

Entry Form:

Velocidrone Track:

Open to MMRC Members & Visitors!

Classes Racing: Super Class, Regular Class, Rookie Class
If you are not yet a member of MMRC yet you can compete as a Visitor.

Visitors who have already competed/flown with MMRC last year must become members to continue flying.

Members will be given preference over visitors. However Visitors may enter any class of racing.

NOTE: Existing Members MUST renew their membership with the club for the 2018/2019 financial year if they wish to race at this event.

Entries Open – 11am Tuesday 8th January 2019
Entries Close – 10pm Friday 25th January 2019

Please arrive on time, Super Class will be run first in it’s entirety including finals then we’ll continue with Regular and Rookie run side by side, round by round.

Race Director reserves the right to move pilots according to skill or to make up entry numbers and even out classes on the day!

There is under cover shelter, power, toilets, hot water and charging facilities available at Lewis Park.
Parking is also available onsite.
8:00am – Track Setup
9:55am – Pilot Briefing
10:00am – Racing Starts (Super Class)
12:30pm – 30 minute break
5:00pm – Finish & Pack up

At the start of flight operations, Super Class will run first in its entirety, followed by running the Regular and Rookie classes side by side, round by round as per our previous schedules.

Rookie pilots will be required to have their quads scrutineered if they are new.

Current Entry List

Super Class
  •  Craig Oakley ArchmageAU
  •  Paul Bitmatta BMSPaul
  •  Thomas Bitmatta BMSThomas
  •  Ken Peart Ken Tucky
  •  Kevin Quad2Fly
  •  Luke Tilted

Regular Class
  •  Jeroam Whittington Aarcob
  •  Neil de Vries Dark Helmet
  •  Alex Porreca dirty
  •  Dianna Bartlam Dizzydi
  •  Fred Quadfather
  •  Liam Bullard Sakza
  •  Sebi Sebzik
  •  Troy Sunderland Troystar
  •  Pieter Kruger Witblits

Rookie Class
  •  Joe Crupi Croops
  •  Vern CutnClose
  •  Kris Gaja CutnLines
  •  Richard Wiggan WigganRC