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Round 2 – Winter Season 2018

We had to postpone Round 2 by a week due to a bad weather forecast for the original date and we’re so glad we did with the following Saturday turning out to be one of the best days for flying we’ve had in a very long time!

The sun was shining, there was no wind and the track was fast and flowing with everyone getting in some decent laps and some very close racing in all 3 classes.

The delay also allowed us to upgrade our systems with this round being the first we ran 6 pilots at once and 5 qualifying rounds per class!

The new scoring system allowed everyone to drop their worst qualifying round with a best of 4 out of 5 counting towards their score for the final.

We also trialled a new 8 channel DVR system with HD capture allowing us to record all races in high definition as well as allowing instant review of races which was definitely needed!

We’re still working out the bugs on all the new stuff but with constant improvements things can only get better with each round.