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2018 Nationals Qualifier Time Trial

MMRC held it’s Nationals Qualifier Time Trial on Saturday 23rd June 2018.

It was a cold winters day with rain delaying the start of flying by about 30 minutes but after that the rain held off all day until the very end just before the finals race which was delayed by 15 minutes.

There was lots of laps recorded over the day with pilots getting 4 x 15 minute flying sessions each to record their fastest 3 consecutive laps. In the end we recorded 18 pilots who did a total of 1231 laps for 10 hours of flight time over the course of the day!!!

Thomas Bitmatta recorded the fastest 3 laps record of of any pilot Australia wide with a 21.77 seconds and a new lap record of 7.15 seconds. He also won the final race worth $250 from Mission Foods. Thomas as last years Champion already qualified for the Nationals this year.

A big congratulations to Thomas for yet again showing he’s the best pilot in Australia and one of the best in the world!

Overall it was a great day to watch everyone trying to record their fastest laps on such a tight and technical track and we wish good luck to all members who qualified and who are entering this years Nationals in Perth in November.

Our 4 qualifying pilots are:

Rhett Mooney
Fastest 3 Laps 25.85s
Fastest Lap 8.49s

James Steel
Fastest 3 Laps 29.31s
Fastest Lap 9.02s

Josh Connolly
Fastest 3 Laps 31.90s
Fastest Lap 9.81s

Paul Bitmatta
Fastest 3 Laps 34.05s
Fastest Lap 10.65s

Also we held a 3 way final for the $250 cash prize, unfortunately Rhett, James and Paul were unable to compete in the final so Thomas and Luke stepped into the final who were the top 2 qualifiers but had already qualified for this years Nationals.

Finalists were:

Thomas Bitmatta (1st) – $250 winner
Luke Godessi (2nd)
Josh Connolly (3rd)

2018 Australian Drone Nationals Website: