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Round 2 – 19th February 2017

Round 2 proved to be huge and a challenge to run given the gloomy Melbourne weather.

With clouds overhead all morning and the occasional shower we weren’t sure if we’d get a full program of racing through due to weather delays.

But we held to our guns and in the end with some adjustments to the schedule we were able to catch up any rain delays we had and managed to finish only 30 minutes behind schedule!

We had one huge downpour which almost flooded the pit control out but we managed to stay dry and keep ourselves amused whilst waiting for the rain to stop.

This was also the first time we were using our new timing system.

The club has purchased a TBS Event Tracker system which does timing based on VTX signal strength rather than using transponders fitted to the quads.

The timing system worked perfectly and was interesting to see lap times for each heat.

Some very close racing ensued and we all had a blast as usual!





Final’s Footage


Some Club Member’s Video’s