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2017 Racing Season

The 2017 Racing Season is our first full year of serious racing!!!

2016 was just for fun and allowed us all to get used to racing and formalise our procedures and rules.

This year the racing is going to be more serious but we’re still aiming for it to be fun!

  • You can check out the 2017 Season Point Score Results here.

2017 Official Racing Calendar

Note: These days are subject to change depending on weather and other factors.

Round 1 Sunday January 22nd Lewis Park Results  
Round 2 Sunday February 19th Lewis Park Results
Round 3 Sunday March 19th Lewis Park Results
Round 4 Saturday April 22nd GMAC Results
Round 5 Saturday May 20th Lewis Park Results 
Round 6 Saturday June 17th Lewis Park Results 
Round 7 Saturday July 15th Lewis Park Results
Round 8 Sunday August 20th Lewis Park Results
Round 9 Saturday September 16th Lewis Park  Results
Round 10 Sunday October 22nd GMAC  Results
MMRC Time Trial Sunday November 19th Lewis Park Info