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Club Insurance

Whenever we are holding an event or whenever you are flying it’s a good idea to have insurance coverage. The club itself as an entity needs to be insured against public liabilty in case something happens. Also it’s members need to be assured that they also are covered at a club event when they fly.

Most flying clubs have insurance for their members, MMRC will be no different.

MMRC has decided to affiliate with the MAAA (Model Aeronautical Association of Australia) and it’s state body here in Victoria – the VMAA (Victorian Model Aeronautical Association) – and provide it’s members with insurance coverage via the MAAA’s umbrella insurance policy.

There are restrictions on what you can and can’t do whilst flying if you expect to be covered by insurance should an accident occur.

Flying outside these restrictions means you are not covered by the club’s MAAA insurance and you must seek your own coverage or risk liability.

More information regarding the MAAA’s insurance coverage, various insurance scenarios and what is covered can be found on the MAAA Insurance Support page.

To be covered by the club’s and MAAA’s insurance you must follow all club rules, local, state and national laws, by-laws and guidelines which pertain to your flying location. You must also have permission from the location’s owner or someone normally in charge of that location to fly there. Permission can be verbal but if a claim is likely or to be challenged or you should seek written permission.

Without permission, you aren’t covered…. period!!!

By becoming a member and paying your membership fees, a portion of those fees are paid to the MAAA to pay for your yearly insurance.

In reality we already comply with these guidelines and laws in the way we fly and organise our events, basic safety, common sense and permission to fly is all you need to be covered by insurance while you fly.