The Melbourne Multirotor Racing Club Incorporated (MMRC) was formed on July 29th 2015 after it was confirmed that our first official racing venue (GoKarts) would be available to us on a monthly basis.

The MMRC then was incorporated on the 9th of October 2015 turning the club into a legal entity thereby allowing to to become affiliated with the national body MAAA and seek insurance coverage for it’s members.

We’ve been flying at various car parks and parks for the last year and a half as a group, but with recent media interest and a spike in new people buying multirotors and a steady increase in interest in what we do it was decided to get serious and form an official racing club made up of regular multirotor pilots who fly FPV around Melbourne.

MMRC started racing at an indoor gokart track and then moved to Lewis Park at Wantirna South on a cricket oval and recently leased use of the primary oval for winter with club house, power, toilets and lights!

The membership base is made up of several flying groups who meet up around town at various times who come together to race, socialise and fly! The club is only in it’s infancy and is still formalising it’s organisational structure and rules and racing regulations but it’s an exciting time for FPV and the sport of FPV racing. Hope to see you at our next meet!

Keep flying!


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